Cooking is our passion. We believe in the infinite possibilities of cooking and that all of the powerful ingredients needed to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle resides in the kitchen.

A pinch of learning in an environment of laughter can make all the difference in a delectable dish due to its perfect production process.

Our mission is to support children, families and food lovers alike in their journey towards discovering the perfect pairing between cooking and education.

Ambrosia Kitchen, is Philadelphia’s premier recreational culinary education institution. We host monthly events for children, adults, and families to enhance their culinary acumen through guided cooking classes and experiences throughout the region. Currently our experiences are online. We offer a limited Behind the Scenes -VIP- ticket where the experience is face to face.

Our core programming is focused around culinary education and strategic partnerships with a range of local institutions aimed at educating their public on cooking techniques.

We welcome you to our kitchen.