Girls Food & Photography

Teaching teenage girls, through culinary experiences and photo editing, the importance of self-control and empowerment.

It is a three-phase workshop that begins with a culinary theme, teaching young girls how to create food dishes with different ingredients, gaining knowledge in substitution, and healthier alternatives. This portion of the workshop focuses around a theme, Sushi, Cinco de Mayo, Asian Cuisine, etc, and through guided instructions, allow the young ladies to create their own unique dishes.

Next, a lesson on cameras, and how to create the perfect shot of an object. Led by a photograph expert, lessons focus on the parts of a camera, positioning, filters, and lighting. The girls get to practice their skills on their food, stepping aside to try to make their dishes look commercial ready.

The third part of the workshop is led through discussion-based activities. Through guided motivation, the girls are given resources to dissect their stresses, anxieties, goals, objectives, and more. Using SMART goals technique, the girls get a chance to create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. Each workshop stresses one part of the acronym and guides the girls in creating goals that fit within the technique.

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