Virtual Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp is on at Ambrosia Kitchen.   Ambrosia’s VIRTUAL Bootcamp is exciting and innovative.  We are offering ½ days during July & August. Let this be the perfect addition to your summer plans.  Campers can participate as long as there is a kitchen and a helping hand.

This is a hands-on cooking and/or baking camp.  Young Sous Chefs learn to cook and explore new foods and experiences.  During our week-long camps, your child will cook-alongside our educators and chefs ONLINE. 

Age: The recommended age range for camp is ages 8-14.

Register at Eventbrite HERE These camps fill up quickly. Classes are limited and interactive.

Your child cooks everyday during camp.  Some Recipes require the use of a stove and / or oven along with knives and other equipment.  There should be a mature person assigned by you, the parent to accompany the young chef.   On Friday each child will receive a certificate of completion and the opportunity to showcase their foods.

Sample Day

8:30 – 9:15 Welcome; Mise En Place; Q & A

9:15 – 10:30 Cooking / Baking activities 1 & 2

10:30 -12:00 Cooking / Baking activities 3 & 4

12:00 – Lunch w/ Ambrosia Educators

Register through Eventbrite HERE 
Summer Cooking Camp
Summer 2019 When Outside was 100% open


  • Hands‐on classes. We cook from scratch everyday
  • Designed to promote science, math, & basic nutrition
  • Professional Educators & Chefs lead the lessons
  • Culinary theories and techniques taught
  • Specialized Classes such as Intro to Herbs & Knife Skills Academy
  • Culinary terminology & Food glossary provided
  • No Nut Recipes
  • Career Awareness


  • Week (1) — July 6 – 9 Cooking 
  • Week (2) — July 12-16 – Baking
  • Week (3) –  July 19-23 Cooking & Baking 
  • Week (4 )–  July 26 -30 Cooking 
  • Week (5) –  August 2-6 Baking
  • Week (6) –  August 9-13 Cooking & Baking
  • Week (7) — All star week –TBA

HOW: ONLINE. Campers must have WIFI to access classes. 

Where:  Your home kitchen. Your Vacation Kitchen. Grandma’s Kitchen. Dad’s Kitchen. Mom’s Kitchen. 

Fee to register: $35.00 / per camper. Mandatory Orientation is included with registration. Non-refundable.

Camp Fee: $150.00 per week.

Deposit: There is a $35 deposit required to hold your reservation for each week attending. It will be used towards your weekly camp costs. It simply holds your reservation for the week. 

HOW: ONLINE. Campers must have WIFI to access class. Adults will need a zoom account.
Where: Your home kitchen. Your Vacation Kitchen. Grandma’s Kitchen. Dad’s Kitchen. Mom’s Kitchen.

Camp Registration Form:

To Register for Camp, Click Link to Secure Spot
**Please include the name of your camper(s).

For more information contact: